Learning to Use LaTex

Sabrina Streipert

Graduate student Sabrina Streipert has put together several valuable resources to help users navigate LaTex, in particular, when formatting their documents.  Sabrina St. works first to define LaTex: what it is, what it isn’t, and more in her presentation, “Learning to Use LaTex”  She also offers a comparison between LaTex and Microsoft Word, providing insight into why a user would choose one program over the other.  Sabrina St. lists both the advantages and disadvantages users can expect to encounter when using LaTex.  In her presentations, she also lists the most commonly used commands in LaTex, providing sample codes to practice these basic, and even some advanced, commands.  (The LaTex code containing the code for all examples, including the necessary preamble, can be found in LaTeX Code which produces, in LaTex, the following pdf output: “testgraph.pdf”).

For those looking for further, perhaps more advanced, support, Sabrina St. has also included a list of list of references she believes most useful.  This list contains pdfs, visual learning material, and sample LaTex code to produce a presentation in LaTex.

*Do you have resources on LaTex others may find useful?  If so, please leave a comment in the box below!