Welcome Graduate Students!

Welcome to Missouri S&T! My staff and I are excited to begin this Fall 2013 Semester with you. I believe you have made one of the most critical investments of your lifetime in attending graduate school at Missouri S&T. In the words of … [Continue reading]

New Graduate Student Orientation

The Office of Graduate Studies is hosting a New Graduate Student Orientation in order to provide information, answer questions, and guide new graduate students as they begin their graduate studies at Missouri S&T. Presentations and information … [Continue reading]

Congratulations Susan!

Please join us in congratulating our graduate tutor, Susan Sipaun.  Susan has just completed Level I training of the Office of Graduate Studies' tutor training program.  This training has been awarded International Tutor Certification by the College … [Continue reading]

Technical Writing for Non-Technical Readers

"When you write for your peers, you can use as many technical and esoteric terms as you like.  Why?  You know they will understand what you are saying; you don't need to explain what, to you, are everyday concepts.  But it's a different story when … [Continue reading]

Meeting with a Tutor: What to Expect

Written by: Susan Sipaun, Graduate Tutor Since August 2012, the Graduate Resource Center (GRC) has been offering tutoring sessions to Missouri S&T graduate students. This program is, essentially, a peer tutoring session that focuses on … [Continue reading]

Writing Resources Available Through the Office of Graduate Studies

The Graduate Resource Center (GRC) returns to its normal hours of operation this week.  Graduate students currently enrolled at Missouri S&T can come in for help with all aspects of writing, from creating an outline to reviewing a final … [Continue reading]

Who’s Going to Read My Thesis?

I often hear students ask the question, "Why does this matter?  Who's going to read my thesis anyway?"  I think two possible answers exist to this second question.  Let's consider first that no one ever reads this work.  Let's … [Continue reading]

Common Vocabulary Errors

When editing students' papers, I often notice a number of common vocabulary errors. (To be completely honest, I see these mistakes in a variety of different places...apart from student papers.)  For example, when do you use "approximately" … [Continue reading]


Plagiarism can often be a difficult thing to understand.  Researchers compiling their data will do so gladly only to groan over what does and doesn't need to be cited.  And, of course, credibility can be either gained or lost based on the citations … [Continue reading]


Welcome to the newly created blog dedicated to helping you develop stronger communication skills!  Within this blog, you will find resources dedicated to helping you communicate better along all stages of writing, from crafting an outline to … [Continue reading]