Graduate Writing Tutors


Susan Sipaun


PhD student in nuclear engineering


Returning student with some work experience

Research Description:

I am interested in using computational fluid dynamics for the thermal hydraulics modeling of the Missouri S&T Research Reactor.


My graduate program is fully supported by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Government of Malaysia.

On Tutoring:

As a student who is currently working on a research project, I realize that having good writing and verbal skills is vital in communicating our ideas to others. As a tutor, I am happy to help you with your writing, to get you to connect with your audience, and get your message across. Your writing will be the focus of each session.


In my spare time, I enjoy reading novels (spy/drama/thriller novels). My all-time favorite books are The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, Blink  by Malcolm Gladwell, and If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon. I also enjoy the outdoors, traveling to different places, and experiencing new cultures. I hope one day to travel to Bhutan.



Vibin Deepak

About Myself: Vibin


I am an MS student within the electrical engineering program. I finished my BS in India last summer. I crossed the oceans to reach MS&T in Fall 2012. I am working on implementing non-linear control methods in the field of power system transient stability.


As both a high school and an undergraduate student, I had experience writing papers and essays. I understand the difficulties one faces when writing these pieces. As part of a social organization, I tutored school children where I learned what a fun, rewarding experience tutoring can be.  I also found I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

I am excited to be working with graduate students to help them more effectively communiate their ideas.


I enjoy spending my free time with my friends. I also enjoy reading.  I especially love to read fiction from all parts of the world, as they offer a great deal of insight into various cultures and traditions. I enjoy interacting with people from different countries and, particularly, trying the different foods from these countries. I also like to listen to music and love cooking so much that, if I hadn’t taken up engineering, I would have considered being a chef!

Graduate tutors are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to help you improve the quality of your writing.  If you’d like to schedule a tutoring session, please email