Technical Writing for Non-Technical Readers

“When you write for your peers, you can use as many technical and esoteric terms as you like.  Why?  You know they will understand what you are saying; you don’t need to explain what, to you, are everyday concepts.  But it’s a different story when you need to write for non-technical readers.” ~Desolie Page

Very often, our journal articles, conference papers, and so forth will be read by both technical and non-technical readers alike.  As such, we must craft our work so that it can be comprehended by an incredibly varied audience.  Desolie Page has written a terrific article on how to do so successfully.  She walks writers through a number of issues writers must consider when putting together their work.  Page offers pointed questions you should ask yourself when beginning your writing.  She then walks you through crafting paragraphs, lists, and non-verbal elements.

For the complete article, please visit Technical Writing for Non-Technical Readers

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