Meeting with a Tutor: What to Expect

Written by: Susan Sipaun, Graduate Tutor

Since August 2012, the Graduate Resource Center (GRC) has been offering tutoring sessions to Missouri S&T graduate students. This program is, essentially, a peer tutoring session that focuses on writing. So what can you expect in a sitting? Read on!

Bring your document. Maybe you have written an article to be submitted to a journal and you want someone to look over it with you.  Maybe you are writing a research proposal and need someone to discuss it with. Our tutors are on-hand to help with not only revising your draft but also improving your writing skills. You are welcome to bring your notes, laptop, references etc. during the session, if doing so would help.  We also have a computer you may use if necessary. Having specific questions for the tutors can help streamline the sessions.

Have an open mind. We would be happy to have conversations about all things writing. The benefits of having that extra pair of eyes are numerous. We are graduate students, too. We know it is hard to write and edit your own work! Let us have a friendly conversation about your abstract, write-up, journal paper, and more. Together, we will strive for that gratifying and impactful writing outcome.

Writing well reveals your scientific character. Every idea, every effort counts and it should show in your writing. Those months and years of
working on multiple projects are worth at least a thousand words. As we enter into our chosen fields, a well-written paper can establish that we have accumulated enough knowledge and skills to succeed in both research and academic publishing. This optional but free tutoring session can help you achieve this!

Work in progress. Understand that writing takes time and we will get better with practice! Start writing early to give yourself time to gather your thoughts and put it in writing. Coming in sooner rather than later for the tutoring session helps as you allocate ample time for your writing to mature in the way you want it to.

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We look forward to meeting you!

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